Cyber City , Hyderabad


Shamshabad is now the hottest piece of real estate in Hyderabad. It is the gate-way to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on the Bangalore Highway, which is under rapid completion. Shamshabad is the only alternative to the overcrowded and Unhealthy life within the Twin Cities plagued by air, water and noise pollution which only benefits the SUper Speciality Hospitals!! Real Estate Value of land in Shamshabad is skyrocketing day by day. Prudent people have already invested in land here in advance of the real estate boom.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport put on fast-track construction at Shamshabad will truly place Hyderabad on the World Map. Most of the business financial tycoon are arriving to establish their multinational companies at Shamshabad with world class fascitis and amenities like 5 star hotels communication and transportation facilities with modern equipment and modern style with these Shamshabad area will become the most valuable and prestigious place in Hyderabad and our "CYBER CITY" project will become a proud acqiuisition for you to become apart of all this with great growth and development.