Clay gold , Hyderabad

NSR Housing - A Wonderful example of an Ideal Real Estate Company, managed by people known for their passion for excellence.A perfect combination of quality and commitment, multifaceted experienced and expertise in property management, and above all a strong professional background with a proven track record of executing various projects.


The city of pearls, is rated as teh fastest growing city in India, has witnessed unprecedential growth in the past by attracting huge investments from several multinational companies. It has offered tremendous oppurtunities to thousands of talented professionals, and the trend continues to grow furthur.

The City

Noted for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and true cosmopolitan appeal, has attracted people from all over, and become a preferred destination to one and all.

NSR's Clay Gold

Another feather in the cap of NSR Housing. "CLAY GOLD" - am Address you can spell with pride and dignity, located near Maheswaram - an upcoming commercial hub and a place hit the daily head lines. It is situated very close to several prestigious land marks like Hardware Park, Fab City, Apparel Park etc.., and of course, it is just a few minutes drive from the International Airport at Shamshabad.


An Ultra modern residential Township with all the developements by providing best of the amenities and necessary approvals. In a nut shell


Is a right project at the right time in the right location, designed exclusively for the right people.

What else you require to enjoy a life of cheerful comfort with total privacy.